Tanaka is the butler of the main residence of the Usami family.

Appearance Edit

Tanaka has short black hair that he keeps slicked back, and dark eyes. He is always seen wearing a black suit.

Character Edit

Tanaka is a very well-mannered and calm character who rarely shows any emotion. He appears to be very tolerable and friendly, and has a seemingly sophisticated personality, typical to that of a butler.

History Edit

Tanaka has been with the Usami family since at least Akihiko was young and has always watched out for him. On one of Akihiko's birthdays, Tanaka gave him a teddy bear collectible (unknowingly starting an obsession) which Akihiko was very pleased to have received. Around this time, Tanaka also started carrying a camera and taking pictures of Akihiko when he was happy or

Trivia Edit

  • Misaki calls him "Sebastian", which is a reference to a Japanese pop-culture stereotype that Sebastian is the typical name for a butler.
  • Hiroki Kamijou has called him "Mary" in reference to "Shitsuji," meaning butler, being close to "Hitsuji," meaning sheep.

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