Takahiro Takahashi (高橋 孝浩 Takahashi Takahiro) is Misaki Takahashi's older brother and a close friend of Akihiko Usami. Takahiro is also the husband of Manami Kajiwara and later becomes the father of Mahiro Takahashi, a child that is named by Akihiko.

Personality Edit

Takahiro is an extremely naive character and seems to be oblivious to Usagi's long-lasting affection for him, especially when he announced his engagement to Manami Kajiwara early in the series. However, he is a very kind-hearted and caring person who is very fond of Misaki. He is willing to sacrifice anything for those he cares about, especially Misaki. After his parents died, he dropped out of school in order to raise Misaki. He himself has stated that he is very overprotective.

Plot Edit

It seems that his relationship with Misaki throughout the manga has always been good.

But he has recently been worried about Misaki living with Usagi might have caused Misaki to over dependent on Usagi not knowing their relationship underneath. They argued in 'Romantica Act 44' as Takahiro wants Misaki to start looking for a place to stay independently.

Relationships Edit

Misaki Takahashi

Takahiro and Misaki are brothers, being very close despite the large age gap between them. Their parents had died in a car crash when Misaki was a child, Takahiro dropped college and started working to raise Misaki to have a proper childhood and happy warm family. Takahiro is an extremely doting brother, and is always concerning himself with whether or not Misaki was happy, regardless if Misaki assured him that he was fine. He only allowed Misaki to stay with Usami, his best friend, because Usami assured Takahiro that Misaki would be fine and happy in his care.

Akihiko Usami

Takahiro and Usami have known each other since high school, and Usami has been in love with Takahiro from the start. Due to his naive personality, Takahiro never noticed his best friend's romantic feelings towards him, and just thinks of Usami and an incredibly talented and thoughtful friend to have. While the two men haven't met for a while since Misaki moved in with the author, they are still very good friends and talk on the phone a lot.

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