Shinobu Takatsuki (高槻 忍, Takatsuki Shinobu) is a main character in the Junjou Romantica series. His lover is Yoh Miyagi and their relationship is titled Junjou Terrorist.


Shinobu is a high school (later college) student, being a couple inches shorter than Miyagi. He has dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, and a slim physique, and is very popular among girls for his looks. He usually wears his school uniform, and in college dresses fairly casually in mostly jeans and long-sleeve shirts.


Shinobu usually has a frown on his face and rarely ever smiles. He is very straightforward, forceful and slightly haughty due to being good at everything he tries. However, around Miyagi, he is shown to be easily embarrassed and sensitive. He is very terrified of the idea that Miyagi is with him out of sympathy or of him leaving.


Shinobu is an 18-year-old high school student, (and the son of Mitsuhashi University's dean of literature and of Miyagi's and Kamijou's boss) who believes it to be fate that he is in love with his ex-brother-in-law, Yoh Miyagi. He would very much like Miyagi to take responsibility for Shinobu falling in love with him. He is often blunt and unreasonable, always going with emotions rather than logic, though he is shown to have a softer side.

After hearing that his sister divorced Miyagi, Shinobu rushes back to Japan to meet with Miyagi in order to reveal his feelings for him, and ask him in all seriousness to "take responsibility" into the matter. Miyagi is shocked and believes the young boy is insane, but he soon discovers Shinobu is very serious about it and ready to do anything to claim his love. He initially tried many attempts, even at some point on the brink of leaving Japan, to show Miyagi how much he loves him.


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