Ryuuichiro Isaka (井坂 龍一郎, Isaka Ryuuichirou) is the senior managing director at Marukawa Publishing and a supporting character in Junjou Romantica. His lover is Kaoru Asahina and their relationship is titled Junjou Mistake.

He features as a main character in an episode in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and later in an episode of Junjou Romantica.

Personality Edit

He is viewed to be quite annoying and brash by many characters but is shown in "Junjou Mistake" to, in fact, be quite insecure.

Biography Edit

Isaka Ryuichiro and Asahina Kaoru were childhood friends. They became playmates after Isaka's father decided to take care of Asahina's family when he happened upon Asahina's father attempting to commit a family suicide after the bankrupt of his company. Asahina Kaoru has deep gratitude and respect toward Ryuichiro's father for taking care of his family in their time of need. Ryuichiro confuses this respect for romantic affections which leads Ryuichiro to mistakenly think that Kaoru is in love with his father. Isaka mentions having been in love with Asahina for a long time but felt it was hopeless due to his idea that Asahina was in love with Isaka's father. Kaoru later reveals to Ryuichiro that he had been in love with him ever they were children. The specific moment he states was when Ryuichiro gave Asahina a potted plant called the Amadokoro. Amadokoro meaning "cheer up" in the japanese language of flowers, he gave it to Asahina after seeing his fragile state from the attempted family suicide. He states it was the first time Asahina had smiled.

Isaka scouted Usami Akihiko after coming across one of his stories on his desk while waiting in his room to give him a book. Isaka himself had always wanted to be a writer but gave up after reading Usami's writing, realizing he'd never be able to write something like that and had no real talent as a writer in the first place. He orders Usami to send his work to the Marukawa publishing house. Isaka who always knew he was naturally very talented at editing books finally resolves to "ride this company to the top" devoting himself to be an editor to many top selling authors and books.

In the past Isaka dealt with gossip about nepotism regardless of the fact that most of his authors were quite obscure before Isaka's editor skills made them hits.

Trivia Edit

  • Isaka and Asahina is paired up as "Junjou Mistake" as a minor character but main supporting character in Junjou Romantica
  • It has a volume outside on its own which Isaka and Asahina ARE the MAIN characters. Its continuation of the couple's story is as a Side;Chapter in Junjou Romantica. Which is less oftenly seen.

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  • Love is Without Reason, Isaka and Asahina's episode in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi anime, located on the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi wiki.


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