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Risako Takatsuki (高槻 理沙子, Takatsuki Risako) is a supporting character in the Junjou Romantica series. She is Shinobu Takatsuki's older sister and Yoh Miyagi's ex-wife. Shortly after her divorce with Miyagi, her brother Shinobu confesses to Miyagi and they begin a relationship which she is unaware of.

Personality Edit

She was cheating on Miyagi because she felt that she did not love him anymore. In reality, she did love him but always felt unloved because of his strong attachment of his deceased "love" (his high school sensei). She felt that Miyagi never loved her at all. Miyagi divorced her, because of her infidelity. She is very smart. It may imply that she has a bad relationship with Shinobu because of the way Shinobu treats her.

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