Mahiro Takahashi (高橋真浩, Takahashi Mahiro) is a supporting character in the Junjou Romantica series. He is the only son of Manami and Takahiro Takahashi, and the nephew of Misaki Takahashi.

When Takahiro first announced that he was going to be a parent, he asked Akihiko Usami to be the godfather and to name the baby. Which Usami then named the baby, Mahiro, because it combined both Misaki's and Takahiro's name.

Three years later, it is shown in the manga that the Mahiro is now a toddler that could walk but not quite talk yet. Mahiro can say peoples' names though not correctly (he pronounces Usami as Unagi which annoys him).

Plot Edit

Misaki babysits Mahiro over at Usagi's in 'Romantica Act 25' and caused Misaki to focus more on him then on Usagi.

When Takahiro was busy with work, Misaki, Usagi and Manami visited Kuma Park with Mahiro.

Mahiro got attached with Misaki to the point that he cried requesting Misaki to be with them on their visitation to the Aquarium

He receives a huge plushie from Misaki given by Marukawa.

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