Name: Madeleine La'Belle

Age: 18

Gender: female

Date of Birth: August 14

Nationality: French-born, American-raised

Family: unknown birth mother and father La'Belle. Uncle Matthieu and Aunt Kathy Jones

bloodtype: AB-

Height: 5ft 11in/6ft

Weight: 150 lbs

Zodiac: Leo

Cup Size: 36B

Occupation: College Student/Model/Meiko's Tachi

Favorite Food: Spicy curry

Least Favorite Food: Really sugary treats

Hobbies: Rollerblading and Singing

Likes: Climbing Trees, Literature, Chiko and Akiko, and Teacup Pigs

Dislikes: Any classes that's not Lit, Taro and Yuji, and Cats

Bio: Madeleine (Mad for short) is an exchange student from America. Her host family is the Himuras, (a household with 5 children: the 19 year old twin boys Taro & Yuji, 15 year old girl Meiko and 3 year old twin girls Akiko & Chiko). Madeleine has multiple conflicts with Yuji and Taro which occasionally ends with somebody battered up. She is very affectionate to Akiko and Chiko because she grew up as an only child. She had issues with Meiko for the first month or so due to Meiko's stalker-like attitude and that she'd throw paper airplanes at Madeleine that had Kanji (which Mad couldn't read). After learning basic kanji she found out what Meiko had been to shy to say: I really really like you.

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