Kyo Ijuuin (伊集院響, Ijuuin Kyō) is the mangaka of the extremely popular The☆Kan manga.

History & Plot

Misaki is a big fan of Ijuuin, and his manga is Misaki's "bible." Misaki first met him when he brought Akihiko's manuscript that the novelist forgot at their house. He motivated the Mangaka to do better and that he was waiting for the next volume of his manga, and told him that Misaki "adores him". With Misaki wiping out his pessimism, Ijuuin was able to recover, physically and emotionally, and was able to produce another The☆Kan volume. He met Misaki once again in an autograph session, which Misaki won from a lottery. The Usamis (Akihiko and Kaoruko as well as Mizuki) went with him. Upon seeing Misaki's reaction to Ijuuin, Akihiko, from that time being, perceived Ijuuin as his greatest rival for Misaki's attention.

In the Anime- After Misaki turns Ijuuin down Ijuuin replies that he thinks he loves Misaki more now and gives him a kiss on the side of his head.


  • In the English publication of the first Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi volume, Ijuuin's given name Kyou is written as Hibiki, which is an alternative reading of the kanji for his name.


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