Keiichi Sumi (角 圭一, Sumi Keiichi) is a classmate and friend of Misaki Takahashi at Mitsuhashi University.


Sumi is a senior college student at Mitsuhashi University and is Misaki's senpai. He is the son of the famous novelist Ryouichi Sumi. He is also a member of Mitsuhashi university's Onsen Research Group (ORG), which he states is known for making Japan's most terrifying haunted houses.

He first approached Misaki on the first week of school when Misaki accidentally fell down in the lecture hall. He seemed friendly and asked Misaki to sit with him, if he had no one else to sit with. Keiichi would normally invite him out for dinner dates and spend quite a bit of time with him on campus grounds. Originally, his intent of friendship towards Misaki seemed that he loved Misaki, but it is later revealed that he was simply using him to meet his idol and love interest, Akihiko Usami.  Keiichi attempted to seduce Usami, while Misaki was sleeping at his house.  However, his plans were foiled when Misaki awoke and claimed Usami as his own.

Despite this encounter, he remains close friends with Misaki, showing that he actually does care for Misaki. He graduated from the university at the start of Season 3.



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