One good turn deserves another (情けは人の為ならず, Nasake wa Hito no Tame nara zu) is the ninth episode of the Junjou Romantica anime series.

This is the first episode that features 'Junjou Minimum' which is the childhood or of Junjou Romantica Main couples' past history.


Episode StoryEdit

This episode the backstory Hiroki and Akihiko friendship. They met in Hiroki's private hideaway on Akihiko's family estate when they were ten years old, and the two became classmates and friends. Akihiko spends a lot of time with Hiroki, and when Hiroki breaks down in tears due to all the pressure from the clubs he's in, Akihiko kisses him to calm him down. Afterward, Akihiko sleeps over at his house. Soon after, Hiroki is taken to Akihiko's house and it becomes clear that Akihiko does not have a very good relationship with his parents. In Akihiko's room, Hiroki sees some notepads filled with stories and ends up reading one of them. Akihiko comes back and tries to snatch the pad away from Hiroki, but Hiroki tells him it's really good and asks to read the rest. Akihiko agrees and the two form a pact that only Hiroki can read his stories. The episode ends with young Hiroki freaking out at the fact that he could be in love with Akihiko.

* * *

Epilogue: Features the Romantica couple. Misaki finds a folder named under him on Usagi's laptop.

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