Good can come out of misfortune (禍転じて福となす, Wazawai Tenji te Fuku to nasu) is the sixth episode of the Junjou Romantica anime series.

This episode features the Junjou Egoist couple.


Continuing from the last episode where Miyagi tries to make a move on Hiroki. Nowaki, contemplating Miyagi and Hiroki's relationship, is asked to greet a professor flying in from America who took care of him. After arguing with his professor and realising the importance of meeting the professor he finally agrees, believing he can still meet Hiroki, but the flight is delayed. Hiroki goes to the restaurant an hour early and waits for hours for Nowaki. Nowaki rushes to the restaurant, already late. In the meanwhile it starts to rain heavily and Hiroki eventually leaves, believing Nowaki doesn't love him anymore. Nowaki makes it just as Hiroki leaves but they don't see each other. Miyagi is surprised by a dripping wet Hiroki in his office and attempts to 'comfort' him, but is stopped when Nowaki barges into the office, seeing what Nowaki was implying he rushed and became violent. Nowaki drags Hiroki away but ends up chasing him into the library. Here Nowaki admits that he wanted to be the kind of man that would make Hiroki proud to be his lover. Hiroki breaks down and admits that he loves Nowaki, and the two make love in the library. Later, while Nowaki is moving in with Hiroki, Hiroki finds a bag full of letters to him that Nowaki never posted, and refuses to give them up as he is so happy just to have them. The episode ends with Hiroki remembering that in a distracted moment, he was the one who advised Nowaki to study abroad in America.

* * *

Epilogue: Egoist couple talking about the reason Nowaki going overseas and flashback.

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