Meeting is the beginning of parting (会うは別れの始め, Au wa Wakare no Hajime) is the fifth episode of the Junjou Romantica anime series.

This episode features couple Junjou Egoist.


Six years (as stated in the episode (or next)) later after the events of episode 3, Nowaki returns from America after a year and is greeted (quite violently) by Hiroki, who believed that Nowaki left without a word to him. After Nowaki notices Hiroki's obvious anger, he tries to leave. Hiroki stops him because he cannot bear to see Nowaki leave again. Nowaki learns that Hiroki has become an assistant professor of Japanese Literature at Mitsuhashi University under Miyagi Yō.

The next day, Hiroki awakens to find Nowaki gone and a note saying "I'll be back," causing him even more distress. Hiroki realizes that he cannot continue with the pain of not knowing how important he is to Nowaki, and leaves a note telling him "It's over". He moves house and changes all his numbers. Nowaki comes to Hiroki's office and tries to reason with him, but Hiroki doesn't want to despite the fact that he still loves Nowaki. He tells him to leave, but Nowaki, speaking from the other side of a door Hiroki has closed, says he will wait for Hiroki at their 'usual' restaurant at 7 and turns to leave. However, Nowaki sees Miyagi entering the office jokingly calling Hiroki "my sweet honey", and automatically jumps to the wrong conclusion: that Miyagi and Hiroki are lovers.

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Epilogue: Featuring Junjou Romantica couple; Udon Bear

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