Fear is often greater than the danger itself (案ずるより生むが易し, Anzuru yori Umu ga Yasushi) is the fourth episode of the Junjou Romantica anime series.


Misaki discovers yet another BL book about him and Usami. While he's upset he also angers Usami. Misaki attempts to leave but grabs him and forces him onto the bed. Usami almost kisses Misaki, but Misaki is 'saved' when Usami's editor, Eri Aikawa arrives. It seems like Usami is having some problems with deadlines. Sumi suggests to Misaki that Usami has a relationship with Aikawa. This makes Misaki very jealous, and he also wonders if his own feelings are genuine. When Usami leaves with Aikawa, Misaki eats chocolates that were given to him by Aikawa but later shown that they were filled with liquor, which causes him to feel tipsy. He falls asleep cuddling Usami's shirt. Usami realizes that Misaki does love him, though Misaki is still a long way from fully admitting it.

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  • While Misaki got drunk off of liquored chocolates in this episode, in the corresponding manga chapter (Volume 2 Junjou Romantica Act 3), Misaki got drunk on pure liquor. This may have been changed for the anime to comply with broadcast rules, as Misaki is 18 years old in the episode, and the legal drinking age in Japan is 20.


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