A Bolt from the Blue (青天の霹靂, Seiten no Hekireki) is the thirtieth episode in the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the sixth episode of season three.

This episode features the Junjou Romantica couple.


Misaki's phone is ringing off the hook as people congratulate him on getting hired. Usagi is dealing with this in a calm and rational manner. Obviously.


While Misaki phone is ringing off the hook, Ijuuin sent a congratulate email and Misaki hides to read it thinking Usagi would "kill" him if he knows. They keep replying to each other and this leds to Usagi finding out spying from behind him.

Takahiro calls in to Misaki phone which Usagi snatched the phone thinking it was someone else. Mizuki also gives Misaki an expensive watch which Misaki considered on returning.

Misaki decides to draw a line between personal and business with Ijuuin as he is an important author, which he then thinks about Usagi which is an important author too but classifies him as a special case.(heh) Usagi gets pissed when Misaki's phone is ringing non-stop and ignores him on dinner. Usagi suggests some red wine which causes Misaki to get drunk, he then "kidnaps" him to his vacation home which has no mobile service. (why dont you kidnap me too heh)

Misaki goes exploring while letting Usagi finishes his column writing and haruhiko drops by at the moment and sees him. They went for desserts and Haruhiko asks if his moving out since his father says so. Haruhiko proceeds to tell Misaki he hasn't given up on him, but sort of give his blessings as he wishes him to be happy.

Misaki gets lost in the residence after returning. Usagi finds him and leads him to his "secret place" as present for his succeeding job hunt. Misaki noticed the 'place' was included in one of his novels. Due to Misaki previous engagement, he remembered words from Fuyuhiko and tells Usagi he wants to be with him, Usagi feels that it strange of him for the sudden outburst and asks if something happened, which Misaki brushes it off and leaves.

Usagi confesses (yet again) sweetly and Misaki stops in his steps. He thinks about how Usagi always says that he can't do without him but he ponders if his the one who can't do without Usagi instead.

When the couple returns, the Usami's family flowers Misaki with gifts which annoys Usagi which angers when he sees Ijuuin sent him flowers as a gift too. Misaki assures him saying his gift left him with great memories which was much better, Usagi in turns says he got a material present too which is inexpensive since Misaki hates pricey gifts. Turns out to be a couple's dirty actions coupon book which Misaki screams why would he use that. (too early to say that cutie)

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