Finding Hen's Teeth (盲亀の浮木, Mouki no Fuboku) is the twenty-seventh episode in the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the third episode of season three.

This episode features the couple Junjou Romantica.


Misaki Takahashi and Shinosuke Todo get autographs from their idol. Kaoruko Usami and Mizuki Shiiba get their feelings out in the open. Akihiko Usami mainly just gets a foreboding of doom.


Usagi, Kaoruko, Mizuki forcefully tags along with unwilling Misaki as he and Todo plans to attend an Autograph event of Kyo Ijuuin. As the three has no tickets so they have to left for sightseeing anyways. At the autograph event, Misaki and Todo are the only male fans but they insist it's alright.

Ijuuin recognized Misaki from previous event in the latter. Usagi got jealous over 'homemade cookies' Misaki gave to Ijuuin thus Misaki told Usagi that his love towards Ijuuin and love towards Usagi is different, and hands him some cookies made specifically to his preference as well. Misaki gets a call from Marukawa to collect manuscript from Ijuuin, Ijuuin tells Misaki to bring Todo and come visit him sometime.

Misaki realises that application for Marukawa is the only one he knows how to write while the other applications he has doubts and troubles what to be written and was surprised, but decided that he will do his best. Since it was found out that Mizuki is sent by Fuyuhiko to "spy" on how Usagi and Misaki is doing, Usagi states out that everything will be fine as long Misaki is around him.This sort of pings Misaki to be pen 'pals' with Mizuki as well to inform him news on his job hunts.

Usagi and Misaki checks in a hotel as Usagi states they must do that as they are having a 'date'. Misaki asks if it's alright to still stay with Usagi if he gets a job, which Usagi teased by saying "no" and asks if Misaki thinks he would really say that. Misaki starts pounding on Usagi's arm, saying that he scared him. Usagi asks Misaki why that scared him, but Usagi kisses Misaki before he can give a complete answer.

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