Marriage is made in heaven (縁は異なもの, En wa I na Mono) is the tenth episode of the second season of the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the twenty-second episode overall.

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Misaki sees on television that Usagi’s brother is getting married. A girl knocks at the door and asks Usagi to marry her. The girl is Kaoruko, Usagi's cousin, and Usagi’s father is trying to force her to marry Usagi’s brother. Usagi refuses to marry her but Misaki coaxes him to allow her to stay until she can figure out what to do. While Usagi is out buying cigarettes Usagi’s brother rings the doorbell looking for Kaoruko. To distract him, Misaki agrees to go for a drive with him to protect Kaoruko, and asks Kaoruko to tell Usagi that he will be back in 3 hours. In the car Usagi’s brother tells Misaki that he will not marry Kaoruko. He also talks about his difficult childhood and how it has always made him seek the approval of others, and how his real dream is to be an architect. Misaki realises that Usagi’s brother isn't such a bad guy. Misaki gets out of the car and runs straight into Usagi’s father, who tells him that his existence is a problem and a threat to the stability of his family. Misaki is shocked and hurt, and rushes home to Usagi because he promised he'd be back in 3 hours. Usagi can see that Misaki is upset, but Misaki pretends he's fine and won't reveal what Usagi’s father said because he doesn't want to cause trouble. That night in bed Usagi begs Misaki to talk to him, to tell him what's bothering him, because he's worried. Misaki won't talk about it and promises himself that he will disguise his feelings better in the future. The next day, Kaoruko admits that she likes Misaki, which makes him proud that finally a girl likes him. After the ending credits, Misaki while baking a cake with Kaoruko asks Usagi what's Kaoruko full name, in which he replies Usami Kaoruko. The episode ends with Misaki wondering with nii-chan what can he do to be popular outside of the Usami Family.

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