A picture is worth a thousand words (百聞は一見に如かず, Hyakubun wa Ikken ni Shikazu) is the sixth episode of the second season of the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the eighteenth episode overall.

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The episode starts with Hiroki discovering Nowaki asleep half-naked on his apartment floor with Tsumori, Nowaki's senpai from the hospital where he works (also half-naked). While Nowaki is trying to explain to Hiroki that nothing is going on, the latter is paged to the hospital and tells Nowaki that he is needed as well. Nowaki is out of the door when Tsumori walks back into the apartment to collect the watch that he left inside. There, he informs Hiroki that Nowaki has plans of moving out 'sometime soon'. Hiroki is surprised, and after thinking about it, concludes that Nowaki was tiring of him. At the university, Miyagi explains that he will end his own relationship when Shinobu doesn’t need an old man anymore. Hiroki again ponders Nowaki’s recent behaviour, thinking that their relationship will end soon. He goes to the hospital to bring Nowaki his bag from home. Tsumori purposely hugs Nowaki to make Hiroki jealous. Infuriated, Hiroki smashes Tsumori to the floor and rushes out. Nowaki follows him, and then asks Hiroki to move in with him into the new house, which was meant to be a surprise. Nowaki again reminds Hiroki how much he loves him, then kisses him, while Hiroki keeps on repeating the same confession in his head over and over again.

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