The Mouth is the Gate of Misfortune (口は災いの元, Kuchi wa Wazawai no Moto) is the fourth episode of the second season of the Junjou Romantica anime series, and the sixteenth episode overall.

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Nowaki is feeling insecure about his relationship with Hiro and he wants Hiro to be more proactive. Nowaki is not even sure whether Hiro likes living with him. While he is thinking about this, Hiro calls and asks Nowaki to bring some materials to him at the university. At the gates Miyagi turns up and teases Hiro, calling him Hiroki, which annoys Hiro. Nowaki asks Hiro if he can call him Hiroki, thinking it is something special, but Hiro says no, and Nowaki is hurt by this. Hiro meets Nowaki at work the next morning and while they are walking Akihiko pulls up in his car. He calls Hiro Hiroki which annoys Nowaki and he drags Hiro away. Later back in their apartment it is revealed that Nowaki still feels insecure about the gap between him and Hiro. Hiro tells him that it doesn't matter and he could never let Nowaki catch up to him anyway, because his pride would not let him. Hiro also tells Nowaki he loves him. Whilst they are making up Nowaki realises that the reason Hiro has not been more proactive with their relationship is that he is shy. Hiro also points out that he has a very special name that only one person calls him: Hiro-san.

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