Boys, be ambitious (少年よ大志を抱け, Shōnen yo Taishi o Idake) is the tenth episode of the Junjou Romantica anime series.

This episode is the first episode in Junjou Romantica that features the third couple 'Junjou Terrorist'.


Episode StoryEdit

The episode opens up with a love confession that teenager Takatsuki Shinobu makes to his ex-brother-in-law, Miyagi Yo. The episode flashes back to three years prior, when two thugs tried to mug Shinobu, and Miyagi ran them off. They both ended up at the same marriage arrangement meeting for Miyagi and Shinobu's sister, Risako. Back in the present day, it is revealed Miyagi has divorced Risako, and Shinobu returned from studying abroad when he heard the news. When Miyagi is asked to house Shinobu, the two form an uneasy relationship. Miyagi challenges Shinobu's earnest declaration of adoration by making a sexual advance, but the plan backfires when he realizes that the younger man is serious. He retreats to his office, but Shinobu finds him. Finally, Miyagi tells Shinobu to try hard in school, because people who are not serious do not interest him.

In the Omake, Miyagi teases Hiroki about his homemade bento (packed lunch) as Shinobu looks on.

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